Customer Service Fee & Charges

1. Passbook Saving Account ( All type of Holders Business/Others/Personal)
aMaintenance fee
Business/OthersT$7.50Half Yearly
Personal saving accountT$7.50Half Yearly
bTransaction FeeFree - Unlimited
cInoperative fee accountN/A
2. Other Personal Saving Account
aMinimum balance requirementN/A
bService feeN/A
cMaintenance feeN/A
dOver the counter withdrawalsN/A
eNumber of free withdrawalsN/A
3. Personal Cheque Account
aMinimum balance requirementT$60
bService feeFree
cMaintenance feeT$60Half Yearly
dCheque Book Fee (Government Stamp)Free(Stmo@18acts/chq)
eOver the counter withdrawal feeFree - Unlimited
4. Business Cheque Account
aMaintenance BalanceT$60.00At All Times
bService FeeFree
cMaintenance FeeT$60.00Half Yearly
dCheque Book Fee ( Government Stamp Duty)Free(Stamp@18cts/chq)
eOver the counter withdrawal feeFree - Unlimited
fCollection feeFree - Unlimited
gAccount overdrawn feeT$15.00Per Transaction
hTransaction feeFree - Unlimited
iAccount closureT$5.00One Off
5. Deposit Bearing Interest Account
aDormant FeeN/A
6. Fixed Deposit (FD)
aEarly Redemption FeeT$25.00Each FD Receipt
bPenalty rateN/A
Interest rate adjustment calculated on portion of term completedRound down to the nearest completed
month based on the prevailing available
interest rates on pro rated basis
7. Electronic Debit Card
aMinimum balance requirementN/A
bService fee (Visa Debit Card)N/A
cElectronic WithdrawalN/A
dOver the counter withdrawalsN/A
eNumber of free withdrawalsN/A
fEFTPOS reject fee ( Transactions declined due to insufficient funds)N/A
8. Bank Cheque
aIssuanceT$6.60Per Issuance
bDuplicate / ReplacementT$6.60Per Issuance
cRepurchase of Bank ChequeT$6.60Per Issuance
9. Dishonor Fee
aInward Dishonor ( cheques deposited to accounts)T$20.00Each Cheque
bOutward Dishonor ( cheques drawn on accounts)T$20.00Each Cheque
10. Unapproved Excess Fees
aPersonal AccontsT$15.00Per Transaction
bBusiness AccountsT$15.00
11. Stop Cheque/Payments Notice
1Stop PaymentT$20.00Per Transaction
12. Clearance of an account on reaching a certain balance
aAt Customer's requestN/A
13. Internet Banking
aEstablishment FeeN/A
bTransaction FeeN/A
14. Telephone Banking
aEstablishment FeeN/A
bTransaction FeeN/A
15. Deposit
aDeposit by mall without lodgement slipN/A
bDeposit slips if acting on fax or letter adviseN/A
16. Diskpay
aEstablishment FeeFree
bWage / salary & creditor paymentFreeWithin MBF
cDirect debit schedulesFreeWithin MBF
dPayments to other bank accountsT$6.60Each Payment
17. Fax Messages
aStatement / vouchers etcT$5.00Each Request
18. Gang Payment Fees
19. Payments from Lists
aManual transfer to otherFreeMBF's Customer
bWage/salary & creditor paymentFreeMBF's Customer
20. Lost Passbook / Card/ Pin
aPassbookT$15.00Each Replacement
bHandycard/ Card accessN/A
cVisa debit cardN/A
Credit cardN/A
21. Special Answer Fee
aCheques drawn on MBF BankFree
bCheques drawn on other BanksT$25.00Each Cheque
22. Safe Custody Fee
aSealed envelope ( 360mm X 180mm)N/A
23. Statement
aStatements Issued when full - Chq A/cFreeMonthly
bSpecial request for issue of statementsT$2.00Each Page
cRepeat statementsT$2.00Each Page
dComputer printoutT$2.00Each Page
24. Certificates Supplied
aCertificate of Balance of Account, each accountT$25.00Each Certificate
bCertificate of Interest paid or received, each accountT$25.00Each Certificate
25. Change Supplier
aBank CustomerFree
bOther Bank CustomerN/A
26. Photocopying
aPhotocopy requestT$1.00Each Copy
27. Coins
aChange (coin) per bag or rollFreeMBF's Customer
bCoin counting per containerFreeMBF's Customer
28. Voucher retrieval
aStandard retrievalT$5.00Per Item
bHistorical retrievalT$5.00Per Item
29. Overnight Safe Deposit
30. Deposit Books (Duplicate)
aDuplicate bookFree
31. Periodic Payment
aNo payment due to lack of fundsFree
bPayment by bank chequeT$6.60
cPayments to a/c within the bankFree
dPayments to accounts at other banksT$6.60
32. Reserve Bank Payment Order
aPayment orderFree