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    MBf Bank Limited Taufa'ahau Road Nuku'alofa Kingdom of Tonga

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About Us

MBF Bank is locally incorporated in Tonga and commenced operations on 29 October 1993. The Bank is a fully commissioned Commercial Bank under the central supervision of National Reserve Bank of Tonga and forms part of the financial system of Tonga.

The Bank is a provider of a full range of basic banking facilities in retail and commercial banking products and services. However, at this point in time the Bank does not provide any electronic banking products as it maintains its focus on quality personal service.

Our Vision

To be the leading commercial financial service provider in Tonga, helping our customers, staff, shareholders & community thrive!

Our Services

Serving manufacturing, distributors, retailers, importers, exporters and more. 

Serving the people of Tonga since 1993 – we offer all forms of retail banking. Personal, and housing loans, savings accounts, and more. 

With so many options to send and receive money, through bank accounts, mobile wallets and thousands of  locations.

Who We Are

The range of deposit products includes Savings Account, Current Accounts and Fixed Term Deposits. The Lending Operations provide money usage products such as Term Loans and Overdraft Facilities. The Bank also provides Trade Products namely Bank Guarantees, Documentary Collections and Letter of Credit.

In International banking the Bank also provide full range of Remittance products and services namely Demand Draft, Bankers Cheque, Telegraphic Transfer and purchases & sale of Foreign Currencies. The Bank maintains correspondence banking with major international banks in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Japan